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Sighted Guides

Read what a volunteer has to say about being a sighted guide
About being a Sighted Guide

Each year Add-Venture in Learning holds a variety of residential Themed breaks - about 5 days in length - in various areas of the UK for visually impaired people over eighteen. The programme for each break includes talks, discussions and visits. Sighted people are needed to act as guides for the students. No experience is necessary as training in guiding techniques will be provided.

Guides are:
What do I do as a guide?

Your role as a guide is to assist your student at mealtimes and with general mobility on the daily visits. On visits, you will be invaluable, making sure that your student is safe and has the opportunity to see everything of interest.
During lectures you may be asked to help with practical activities, pass objects round and you will be able to listen to the range of experts. Ideally you will have an interest in the topic under discussion but you are not expected to be an expert.

The cost

Guides are asked to make a subsidised donation to help cover costs. The specific amount requested varies from Themed break to Themed break but can be found in the application details. If you cancel your booking with more than 4 weeks notice, your deposit will be refunded, less an administration charge of £30. If you cancel with less than 4 weeks notice before the start, a charge will be made unless we can fill the place. Joining instructions and further information will be sent before the relevant Themed break starts.

How to become a volunteer guide

If you would like to volunteer please download and fill in the application form. We will then let you know if we can use you as a guide as soon as possible. If you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspects of guiding, please contact :
Isobell Phillips on 07731 867931 or e-mail

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