Add-Venture in Learning - Data Protection Policy


Add-Venture in Learning is a life-long learning group for visually impaired people and is run by an elected Committee. It will be referred to as the Group We or Us in this policy
Enquirers are non-members who contacted us about our events or joining the Group

What Information do we collect

We collect information from Enquirers to help us run the Group

We ask the following personal identifiable information from Enquirers
We ask the following information of Themed breaks attendees:
Who has access to the information

The information we collect on Enquirers is securely maintained by the Secretary and may be shared with members of the Committee and Webmaster for the purpose of running and administering the Group

Our legal basis for processing the data is our legitimate interest as a Themed break providing organisation

We use the information from enquirers to:
We will not:
Data Retention

We will keep personal identifiable information about Enquirers until we are asked to delete information when a person dies or is no longer interested in receiving our newsletters or attending our Themed breaks

The information on Themed break attendees is retained and is held securely by the Themed break Coordinator for the purpose of retaining this information for future Themed break

Data Rights

Enquirers have the right to:

Policy Amendments

The Committee reserves the right to make amendments to this Data Protection Policy. Major amendments would be communicated with all those on our mailing list for their consultation before being adopted. Minor amendments such as wording clarification or spelling corrections, are at the discretion of the Committee as to the level of required communication or consultation needed with enquirers

Add-Venture in Learning - Data Protection Policy Version 1.1 October 2018

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